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Matthew x Tsundere!Reader: My Sassy Girl
warning: this story contains more than 4000 words. sorry if you don't want to read anymore

"Kiku, I need your help.."

The Japanese boy looked up from the book he was reading to see Matthew standing in front of his desk, having a nervous look plastered on his face. Kiku gave him a weird look, but nodded slowly in reply. "Y-Yes..? What is it that you need help in? Is it anything about our class work? School? Something that you wanted to borrow?"

Matthew sighed, hanging his head down slightly. "No, it's actually about (Name)."

"Oh?" Kiku placed his book down gently on the page that he had last stopped at, bored eyes turning into excitement. When it came to a topic about couples, Kiku couldn't help but listen. After all, he was first to know about Matthew and (Name)'s relationship anyways ; second was Elizabeta. "Is there anything wrong between the two you? What happened to (Name)?" His happy expression then turned into a worried one. "Did you two break up?"

Matthews eyes widened. "No! Of course not! It was just.. Her attitude is pretty.. different.."

Kiku nodded as he held his mouth trying to contain himself from giggling.

"For example.. Don't you notice how differently she acts with other people? Some regular girls are usually.. How do I put this? Err.. attatched. (Name) always denies things and it seems like she hates everyone.. I still wonder how I'm still going out with her.." He sighed again. "Am I being a bad boyfriend?"

It was Kiku's turn to sigh. "Matthew-san, you're doing nothing wrong. It's just (Name) is acting like a Tsundere."


"Hai. Its basically a slang, as you call it for people whom are usually blunt, straight forward, or to one who has a cold attitude but are very love-strucked to their lover, or to one they have a liking to. But of course they deny their love to defend themselves."

Matthew only nodded, confused.

".. Or in other words, a Tsundere is someone who seems harsh to others, but deep inside they are very nice, caring and gentle."

Matthew only let out an "Ooohh" then nodded, smiling at Kiku.

"Wow.. I never knew that you know so much about this stuff! Thank you very much, Kiku."

The Asian only nodded and smiled. "I know a lot of stuff other people don't know.." He smiled deviously to himself, while Matthew gave a face of confusion. 

"O-Oh 'Kay? Thank you."

 "Anything to help out a friend." I hope your relationship with you and (Name) last long."

"Thanks again, eh!"


And throughout Matthew's long journey with his girlfriend (Name), they had lived an almost peaceful life together. It was good that they hardly argued with one another or gotten into fights, but somehow, the femle was much more dominant than the male in this relationship and was much more.. aggressive 

But, yet of course every relationship makes a few mistakes now and then, don't they? 

And of course, Matthew seemed to keep track of each one that he needed to remember and how important they were throughout their relationship together.

But.. for poor little Matthew, he had to learn them the hard way...

1. Don't ask her to be feminine.

Matthew watched as (Name) watched a show on the television, hogging up about two-quarters of the small couch lazily, legs spread across, some even resting on Matthew's lap or on in a position to look like as if it were kicking his leg. 

She blinked boredly, already watching re-runs of this episode. She said a few remembered phrases in her head, then rested her head on the arm of the couch, and used the other side to rest her feet, trapping Matthew in.

Matthew sighed, adjusting himself into a more comfortable position figuring that he would be stuck like that for a while then he started to think. 

'(Name) sure is someone different... She opened up to me much more ever since I had asked her out, and I didn't even know how complex her personality was... Is this even normal for girls? She kinda acts a little tomboyish now that I think of it... Especially since she's in this type of position. Maybe she's just being lazy? Hmm.'

Matthew took a glance at (Name) observing her facial expression and body pose. Matthew opened his mouth and began to speak. "Is it always normal for girls to do this?" He asked quietly.

She looked at him weirdly. Was he trying to insult her or something? "I dunno. You do know that females get lazy too right? We don't always act girly or something like that. Just times like this, it doesn't really matter..."

Matthew nodded slowly. "Oh." He leaned back in his seat, and focused his eyes on the television screen. "I was just wondering what would happen if you were more feminine, that's all." He said without even thinking.

(Name) snapped her head at him, feeling a vein pop. She kicked a foot at his leg laboriously, making Matthew cringe slightly. It was a good thing he was pretty use to this type of thing. A normal person would be close to tears at this type of strength. 

2. Don't let her drink over three glasses, she'll beat someone.

"(Name), I think you had enough.."

"Pff! Silly Matthew, I'm fine as can be.." The drunken girl flapped a hand at him lazily as she held her empty glass with her other hand over her head. Her face was completely red, obvious that she had a little bit over the top with drinking. But of course, Matthew hadn't stopped her (yet). "Waiter!~ Waiter!~ Another please!" She giggled falling back, being lucky that Matthew caught her before she fell hard on the ground. 

He sighed, balancing (Name) back on her seat, fixing her lose coat. "This is your last glass for tonight, okay?"

"Pfft. You can't tell me what to do!" 

Matthew scratched his head worriedly. He had never been at a bar with (Name) before.. He just hoped that nothing bad would really happen-

"I am sorry miss, but-but we seemed to have ran out of liquor."


"...What?" She got up from her seat, warningly causing Matthew to jump. "Do you want to die?!" She yelled at him, taking the collar of his shirt, pulling him forward. Matthew screeched, trying to pull the drunken girl off the poor waiter, but alas she was too strong. 

"M-Miss! It can't be helped!" He struggled, fearing for his life. "It's not my fault that we have ran out! Se-Security!!"

(Name) growled, feeling bigger and stronger hands grab her. She turned her head back slowly, making it seem like a more scarier affect. Her glare sent the security to flinch but he gripped on to her, lifting her up and escorting her out the bar. 

Wrong move.

Now (Name) was fully agitated as she took a swing with her fist, landing perfectly on the mans cheek as he fell back unconscious. Matthew nearly fainted at the sight, as he picked up the girl out of fear feeling glad that she snuggled onto him tiredly, instead of beating him to a pulp like what happened to the poor security guard.. 

3. At a café, drink coffee instead of coke or juice.

Matthew ran inside the café, flinging the door open, panting heavily. A few customers looked at him and just shrugged it off a few seconds later, going back to whatever they had previously been doing. The Canadian scanned his eyes over at the café, searching for (Name), flinching when he saw a glare shoot right at him.

Matthew walked to the table slowly, and smiled at the angry girl nervously. He started to speak. "H-Hey, I'm-"

"You are late. By Ten minutes."

"I know!! I'm really sorry-"

"Mhm. Just hurry up and buy me a coffee."

Matthew sighed, and walked up the counter, still panting slightly. The cashier gave a look of pity, glancing at the angered girl, sacredly. "W-What would you like to order?"

"I'd like One cup of coffee and a soda please.."

Just like that, (Name) was already standing next to Matthew.

"What are you getting for yourself again?" She said coldly. 

"J-Just a soda!! Why does it matter anyways?" He said in panic. Matthew had ran all the way up to the café and he desperately wanted a cold beverage to drink. Was it too much just to get one soda?!

(Name) looked at him as if he was being stupid. "Don't get a soda." was said in a flat voice. 

"How ab-"

"No juice either." She looked at the cashier, "Two coffee's only please."

The cashier nodded, telling them the price as (Name) paid for both, to Matthew's surprise. She motioned him to sit at the table, which he did, as (Name) staid, waiting for their drinks that didn't come too long after. The cups were placed neatly on a tray, and tissues folded into a diamond shape was next to it. She picked the tray up carefully and took a seat next to Matthew, setting it on the table where they had been sitting at.

Matthew grabbed a cup, followed by (Name) as well, while they had drank their beverages, both getting into conversation, exchanging replies from sip to sip.

4. If she hits you, act like it hurts; if it hurts, act like it doesn't.

"So Matthew." (Name) placed her half-empty cup on the table not-so-gently, looking at Matthew intensely. "Please explain why you're late."

Matthew gulped. Oh goodness, how could he possibly explain to (Name) that he had been hanging out with his friends? He knew that (Name) didn't have a liking towards them.. And wouldn't it offend her if he was hanging out and having fun with his friends instead of showing up at the café and the promised time?!

'Oh maple hockey!'

"O-Oh, you know, uh.. traffic.. I was stuck there for a while.. It was absolutely terrible.."

(Name) nodded, not buying it. "Oh really? Then please explain why you would drive here when you live a couple of block away from here and if you drive here why did you look tired when you walked in?!" She punched his leg, which Matthew faked a cry a pain. 

"I-I was just lazy that's all, dear- and the sun is making me tired!"

"Lies. I know you were hanging out with your friends again, you probbably forgot about me!!" She punched his leg again, but this time with more force.

Matthew bit his lip, trying to brush off the sudden pain that he had just received. He smiled at the girl painfully, and took a deep breath in. 

(Name) averted her eyes away, hanging her head down slightly, feeling bad now. "Okay.. I'm sorry.." She muttered, hoping that Matthew wouldn't hear. "I-I just got worried okay..? I didn't know what I would do if..." She said much quieter, heat rising to her head. 

Matthew blinked. He did not expect that.

As smile grew on his lips, then scooting his chair closer to (Name). She was so cute when she acted soft. "I'm sorry that I was late, and you are forgiven."

5. On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class; she'll like it a lot.

It was free period during (Name)'s classes as she was sitting on top of the table talking amongst her friends who had free period aswell. She smiled and laughed gently when someone said something funny at had happened earlier in the day. Her thoughts were too lost to really concentrate on anything, only remembering that was her and Matthew's One Hundredth day anniversary.. 

'I wonder what he'll do this time.. I hope it's something rememberable..'  She sighed, trying to focus her mind back on her friends. She felt hopeful. Maybe he would take her out for a fancy dinner? A nice walk in the park alone? (Name) thought it would also be nice to contribute into this, but who knows.. Maybe Matthew thought this was a regular day. Maybe he didn't even care to keep track..

The bell rang, signaling a passing period for everyone. (Name) grabbed her back and waved to her friends, making her way to the hall, and then to her least favorite class. She made a quick stop at her locker then continued on, opening the door open and taking a seat in. 

The bell rang shortly after, just when the teacher entered the classroom. The teacher looked around the laddered classroom, taking note of who was absent and who was not. The teacher then nodded to herself, stepping in front of the classroom making an announcement about what the class will be learning about today.

(Name) quietly groaned, obviously not interested. She rested a chin on her palm, sighing, waiting for class to be over soon..


Matthew grinned at held the freshly picked rose in his hand, walking to (Name)'s class.

It's not like Matthew had unintentionally copied the girls schedule while he had visited her house or anything.. It was just coincidence that he had found it somewhere in her room.. Besides, he also copied it just incase (Name) forgot her classroom! (Which is very unlikely to happen..)

"She should be in class right now.. I hope I won't be yelled at for intruding.." He mumbled to himself. He looked at the flower. Two of his friends, Arthur and Francis, recommended that it would be a perfect anniversary surprise for his girlfriend, an Matthew couldn't deny that he agreed.

He looked at the door window, smiling to see that the teacher had been out of sight. Hopefully the teacher had left the classroom.. 

He opened the door peeking his head through first, then stepping in the classroom, hiding the rose behind his back. Students around shot their head up, including (Name), looking at whoever was at the door curiously. Matthew just smiled sheepishly giving a small wave (and a little wink at his girlfriend).

The Tsundere's face grew as red as the rose that Matthew was hiding as he walked over to her desk and knelt down, taking her hand and planting a kiss on it gently causing wolf whistles and gentle squeals to erupt around the room. He handed her the flower, and couldn't help but to smirk at her cute reaction. 

"Happy 100th day anniversary, (Name)."

What he didn't know was the the teacher witnessed the whole thing. She , and let this one slide. She was a sucker for romantic things..

6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash.

Matthew gripped onto his foil hitting his target on the stomach successfully. He grinned, taking off the mask that he wore, thanking the other male and sat down on the bench, drinking his bottled water. Francis made his way next to the bench, and sat right next to Matthew. 

"You're doing much better than before." The Frenchman grinned, and patted Matthew on the back. The smaller boy smiled, and took another gulp of his drink.

"Thanks. I'm glad I'm improving, eh!" He beamed, feeling proud of himself. Francis smiled, and let himself lean back a little. He looked at Matthew.

"Wait, why are you learning fencing anyways?"

"Oh, well (Name) thought that I should learn to fence... She thought that it could be good defense for me. She also told me that it would make her feel like a princess because you know... the whole sword thing." He chuckled.

"Aww! That is very sweet of you Matthieu!~" Francis squealed. "You two are so adorable! Just think of how (Name) would feel once she knows that you know how to fence just for her!"

"I also have to learn squash.."


"It's a type of sport. It's kinda similar to tennis but instead of hitting each other, you hit a wall, and the other person has to hit it back, and vice versa. (Name) likes playing it, and I wanted to surprise her by learning how to play so I can try to impress her and make her happy..."

And thus Francis squealed again. And again. And again...

7. Also, be prepared to go to prison sometimes.


Matthew looked over at the passed out girl in panic. What to do?! Francis had left the two of them alone in a bar, and the rest of their friends had already left! Matthew would have done the same, but he would feel guilty leaving this girl all alone in the bar. He stared to shake violently, not knowing what to do. Stay or leave. Hell! He didn't even know this girl very well! He knew for sure that they had attended the same school and that she was friends with Arthur(And that was the reason why she was dragged here in the first place)! Besides, it wasn't his fault that she had gotten herself drunk and passed out, possibly waking herself to a hangover. Man Matthew hated drunk women.

It was only 3 glasses, and she began acting totally out-of-character, and that isn't a good sign is it?

Of course it is.

It was funny though. She kind of acted similar to Arthur when he was drunk, but she wasn't as depressed, or randomly came out outfitted as a half-naked waiter, or an angel wearing a very short and revealing toga.

The girl moved in her sleep, head still hidden in her arms. She mumbled something that sounded similar to a death treat, and caused shivers to go down Matthew's spine. 

He sighed and got up, feeling a pang of guit twist himself. 'It's alright.. She will wake up eventually and take a bus back home.. It's not that late anyways, right? I'm sure that she'll wake up soon...'

He walked to the door before looking at the girl regretfully, then closing the door on the way out.


Matthew opened the door to the Motel tiredly, as the still-asleep girl was laying on top of his back, unconscious. He had actually managed to rent a small Motel room for a low price, and carried a girl that he didn't even know on his back without breaking down. 

He stumbled on his feet, stepping inside the room, and laid her on the bed lazily, then sat on the carpeted floor, gasping for air. It wasn't that she was heavy, it was that the bar and the nearest motel had a very long distance... Even if he wasn't carrying someone on his back, he would still find himself in this kind of position that he's in now.

Matthew checked his watch, reading '1:34', eyes widening. How long was he there at the bar?! He frowned, then decided that it wouldn't hurt if he stayed for the night.. He was about to get in the bed when he remembered that a stranger was already sleeping there. Matthew bit his lip, and tried moving the girl a little bit more to the corner without waking her. This only caused her to spread herself on the bed mre, hogging much of the space, her sleeping position turning into 'The Starfish'.

Matthew groaned quietly, then grabbing the extra blanket before settling on the floor. Looks like he would have to go with this..


Matthew woke up early in the morning, yawning pretty loudly, then blinking his eyes open. He looked around to see that this was definitely not his bed, and sprung up in alarm. He saw a girl sleeping on a bed, then his eyebrows furrowed remembering the scene from last night. 

That's right. He dragged this girl into a Motel for her to sleep in. He sighed, feeling the pain on his back from sleeping on the floor, and stretched his arm to massage it comfortingly, but finding it to not work. He moaned in pain, then checking the time '7:21'. 'Maybe I can take a quick shower... I'm sure she wouldn't wake up this early...'


Matthew got out of the shower, shivering from the contact of cold air, instead of hot water. He looked around the bathroom for his clothes and towel, groaned loudly whipping his hands on his face frustratedly. Looks like he left them near the bedside. Where the girl had sleeping next to. 

He cursed himself, then peeked his head out of the bathroom door covering himself with his hands, then tiptoed out, a trail of water following behind him. 

He heard a knock on the door to his horror. Matthew ignored it, until the knocking turned into loud banging. And a deep voice saying the same exact words, "Hello? This is the police!!" At this time, Matthew started hyperventilating, then close to fainting when the door slammed open. "No! I-It's not what it looks like!"

"...We've seen and heard enough. You can tell us your part of the story when we get you a prison."

Yup. This was his lucky day.

8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly; you'll feel better.

"What did you say?"

"Are you asking for me to murder you?!"

"I will kill you!"

Let's just say that Matthew was glad that he had never underestimated those words before in his life. He felt sorry for the poor, poor souls who had to go though the pain and suffering after neglecting those words. After all, they did come from (Name) so they should have expected better. Looks like not.

...What? Did you really thing that (Name) actually killed those people? No, no, no. 

It wasn't that bad actually. It was really quick. Just a few punches and kick, and an innocent act later when it came to the police and it was all good.

A lady did have to defend herself anyways.

9. If her feet hurts, exchange your shoes with her.

"I bet I can beat you to that side, over there."

"Oh? Are you asking for a challenge?"

She smirked. "You bet I am."

Matthew gave her a smug look. "You're on."

The two of them ran their way to the other side of the park, both were neck-in-neck, but only (Name) was a little ahead. She grinned victoriously, then continued to speed ahead, looking back at Matthew and stuck her tongue out playfully, who was a few inches behind her. 

That was when it happened. (Name) growled, looking down at her shoes. 'Damn heels! They're starting to really make my feet hurt!' 

(Name) seared her running, watching Matthew change ahead, right in front of her. She sighed sadly, trotting after him, struggling a little on the way. Matthew looked back, and stopped his tracks wondering why she had just stopped running. He then began to notice how she was grumbling to herself, and also her walking awkwardly. 

She finally began to catch up to the Canadian, only muttering a quiet "It's not fair." 

Matthew gave a puzzled look. "What's not fair?"

"My feet hurt, and it's because of these stupid heels... You're not wearing heels while you were running, therefore your feet aren't hurting, which is not fair because mine are." She pouted, crossing her arms, while glaring at the shoes that she wore on her aching feet. She wondered, why out of all days, she chose this would be a good day that she wore heels, and why would she decide to race Matthew while wearing them.

Matthew looked at her funnily. "What do you want me to do about it then, eh? Switch shoes with you?" 

At at that very moment, (Name) actually liked one of Matthew's ideas. "Y-You know... That's not actually a bad idea..." 


"It's your fault anyways! So switch shoes with me!"

"E-Eh?! How is it my fault when you were the one who wanted to race in the first place?"

"It's your fault that you were going to fast. Now switch shoes with me."


"Matthew, please..." She begged. Her sparkling eyes made in more convincing, and of course, there was no way that Matthew could have resisted that. 

And that is how a man felt the pain that a women did after having their feet hurt from wearing small heels on their feet throughout most of the day.

10. She likes to write, encourage her.

"(Name)? What are you writing there?"

"Oh this?" She blushed and moved her screen a little bit so it isn't very visible to Matthew. "It's nothing. Now go back to whatever you were doing before..."

"Hm? Why can't I see?" He asked, and took a seat by (Name), and looked at the typed story that (Name) had just written, but she only slammed her laptop screen down, blushing like a mad man. The boy looked at her. "Now why did you do that?"

"Because it's embarrassing! W-What gives you the rights to read it anyways?!"

"(Name), it's nothing to worry about." He smiled, and pulled open the laptop screen, showing the password option which caused the girl to smirk. "Hah. Now you can't read it."

"(Name)..." He whinnied. "Why can't I read them? I-I'm sure you are a great writer, eh. There's nothing to be embarrassed about... If it makes you feel better, I write sometimes." He smiled reassuringly, causing a burn on the girls face.

She shifted in her seat awkwardly, then looked at her laptop sadly, taking in a deep breath then exhaling quickly. "I don't think so... The stories I read on the Internet are way farther than the kind of skill that I have. I do think I'll ever reach to their type of level. Besides, writers block is such an ass sometimes, you know?"

Matthew frowned, and scooted closer to (Name). "No. Don't say that.. Listen, I'm pretty sure there are some people out there who love your writing, okay?"

"Y-You really think so?"

"I know so." He smiled and kissed her cheek affectionately, making her face turn bright pink, as she muttered something to herself. Matthew smiled an got up, leaving (Name) to continue writing. She looked up, and smiled gently whispering a small "Thank you."

"Je t'aime, (Name)."

"..I-I love you to..."

request for: ~brownhairedangel
i hope reader is tsundere enough. ; u ;'
i also hope Matthew isn't too ooc.... orz

I stayed up late writing this instead of studying for my test tommorow orz!! I'm going to bed...

and please tell me if the any errors. I made my writing alittle thinner than usual becaus this is so long hlacbkcwbm

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